February 16, 2023


Hello!  My name in Jonathan Fisher, and I am the new English teacher at Shintoku Girls High School in Hiroshima.  I first arrived in Kure, Japan in 2008.  At first I worked at Hiroshima Prefectural High Schools in and around Kure, and gradually gained experience working at private schools, and English conversation schools.  I am excited to join the Shintoku Foreign Language Department this year as a full-time native English speaker teacher.  I look forward to meeting you in class, but I also invite you to start up a conversation with me in English or Japanese outside of the classroom.


My teaching is cooperative rather than competitive, promotes students’ active learning, and is focused on meeting the needs of each individual student.  As a bilingual Japanese speaker, I will be able to conduct classes in Japanese when necessary.  But I understand that not every student will be aiming at a career overseas.  Rather, I believe foreign language study is a great way to increase students’ critical thinking, and expression skills, skills which are essential to life in the twenty-first century.  In short, I want to help prepare students for further study, and jobs in an increasingly global Japan.




Full Name: Jonathan Bristol Fisher

Birthday: February 4, 1984 (Age 39)

Home Country: United States of America (North Carolina)

Family: Married (Yuco) with 2 Children (Oliver and Sophia)

Hobbies: Playing Video Games, Hiking, Cycling, and Playing Violin

Favorite Sports; Touch Rugby, Basketball, and Baseball

Favorite Food: Indian Curry

Favorite Japanese Food: Soba Noodle Soup

Favorite Places in Japan: Miyajima, Yakushima, Hijiyama Park